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This example is based on a Banshee swingarm that was extended 6". The steps below show exactly what was done from the initial cutting of the swingarm and stripping of all unnecessary brackets to the final grinding and prep for powder coating or chroming.
Below is a picture that shows all the pieces that were used in this process.

Yamaha Banshee Swingarm Extension


The 1st step is to strip off the old rear brake hose brackets which won't be used again. After these are gone, the swingarm can easily be clamped in a horizontal bandsaw and cut. You will notice that the swingarm was mounted in a jig that maintains the alignment and proper spacing during the entire process.


I use a piece of bridging material that extends about 4" into the original swingarm tubes and 4" into the new extension tubing. This adds a little weight but increases the strength substantially.


Next the extension pieces are installed and welded in place. After welding, the 1st round of grinding takes place getting ready for the gusset pieces in the center of the swingarm extension.


Here the grinding has taken place and the center gussets have been welded in place.


The final step is to install the small pieces that run along the top and bottom of the extension tubes that connect the original gusset pieces together. The final grinding and sanding takes place and the chain guide bracket is welded back on in its new location.

The finished product powder coated and reinstalled.


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