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Follow these instructions to install the new stainless steel radiator grill on your Rzr. Take your time when positioning the grill and especially when making the cuts.


1. The first thing you want to do is remove the hood from the Rzr and place it on a bench or surface where you will be able to move it around and work on it. Use masking tape to completely cover the front of the hood. This will prevent the hood from getting scratched up and also give you something to place marks on for centering and marking the holes to be cut.


2. Next, position the grill on the hood. It should be approximately 5/8” down from where the hood starts to angle up towards the top and 5/8” from each side. Place the grill on the hood in this location and use some masking tape to secure the grill to the hood so you can look at it and make sure it is where you want it. When you have it secure and you are sure everything is centered and square. Drill 5/32” holes through the screw holes in the grill. Drill one at a time and place a screw in the hole before you move on to the next one to keep it from moving. Drill the inner holes first and move to the outer holes.



3. Once you have all the holes drilled, use a sharpie to place marks on the masking tape through the grill at the top and bottom of each slot and on the edges of the outer slots on each side of the grill. This will give you marks to use as an outline for the hole you will be cutting out behind the grill. You can also mark around the center slot in the grill and leave that section in place when you are cutting for some additional strength if you want to. This is what I did in the picture below. Once you have made your marks, remove the grill from the hood, use a straight edge to mark out the hole to be cut using the marks you placed on the tape through the grill as a guide. Once you are confident that the pattern is marked correctly, you can start the process of cutting it out. Start by drilling a 3/8” hole somewhere in the cutout section which will be a place for you to get the jigsaw blade through the plastic. Very carefully make the cutout using a jigsaw. Take your time here because you only get one chance at it.



4. When you have finished the cut, remove all of the masking tape. This is also a good time to use a heat gun to remove the Polaris decal from the front of the hood if it is still there. Use a file or some sand paper to finish off the inside of the cutout area.



5. Once you have finished cleaning up the cutout, place the grill over the area and insert the fasteners with the flat washer on the back side of the hood under the lock nut, finger tight. When all of the fasteners are installed, tighten the inside screws first, then the outside.


The finished product installed.




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